The Regional Socio-Economic Development Institute of Canada will support the BC Interior and comparable regions around the world in building on their dynamism and success thus far, by drawing on:

  • Our capacity for interacting with communities
  • Collaboration across post-secondary institutions, community organizations, enterprises, accelerators, development agencies, First Nations and Governments

Our outputs will be path breaking because we will purposely:

  • Push theoretical and empirical frontiers
  • Team specialists in diverse disciplines
  • Use the unique space of our home region to create and disseminate knowledge

We expect the Institute to have significant impact in practice through, for example:

  • Connecting SMEs to large corporations and research facilities, to enable improved access to research and development
  • Helping to build entrepreneurial capacity by creating links between high value resource sectors and high value manufacturing, both regionally and globally
  • Enabling experiential learning opportunities for students, contributing to enterprise and organizational development
  • Increasing the region’s wealth with more and better jobs, and an enhanced ability to retain talent
  • Stimulating discussion and understanding of the region’s socio economic goals
  • Devising strategies, policies, and actions to achieve and measure success
  • Initiating change and innovation that span understanding of social, cultural, economic, health, technological and environmental issues